Online Entry

LIGA Online Tournament Entry will re-open for the 2018 season in the spring!

The Long Island Golf Association’s on-line Tournament Entry system is very easy to use: click on the navy blue rectangle above and it will take you to the sign in page. If you do not have a profile already stored in our system, click on the blue line that says "Click here to Register" and create your profile. Log out, log back in and start entering tournaments that you qualify for (if you don't qualify for an event, there won't be a check box for that event on the left of the tournament screen). Of course, if you already have a profile, you can log in immediately (Note: Always keep your profile up-to-date, particularly for mail address, e-mail address, and phone number.). Almost all of our tournaments require amateurs to have an active handicap index from your club or course (the only exceptions are the Junior, Boys and Girls Championships). Make sure your handicap is active before attempting to enter a tournament. Pay particular attention to this issue at the start of the golf season, when clubs/courses may be slow to activate handicaps for the new season.

*In completing your entry, to avoid having your credit card declined, please be sure to use the mailing address and zip code currently shown on the credit card bill you receive from your financial institution*