LIGA Pace of Play Policy

Slow play is the single most perplexing problem in the game of golf.  A slow player at the start of the field can ruin the day for all players behind him.  In the interest of all, players have an obligation to play at a reasonable pace.  Accordingly, members of the LIGA rules committee will be monitoring the pace of play and applying penalties for slow play, if necessary.  Rule 6-7 governs the event of slow play.  It provides: “the player must play without delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish.  Between completion of a hole and the playing of the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.”  The penalty for breach of rule 6-7 is loss of hole in match play and one stroke (modified) in stroke play; for repeated offense, disqualification. 

The following pace of play guidelines for LIGA competitions have been adopted.  In the administration of these pace of play guidelines, a member of the Rules Committee shall not tolerate abuse, oral or otherwise, by a player.  Such abuse may constitute a serious breach of etiquette and the player(s) may be disqualified under the provisions of rule 33-7. 


The LIGA scorecard provided for each competition will include the allotted time for each hole and the total allotted time at any given hole. 


The first group to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, the group is behind the prescribed schedule as detailed on the LIGA scorecard.  Any following group will be considered out of position if it (a) is taking more than the allotted time to play AND (b) reaches the tee of a par-3 hole and the preceding group has cleared the next tee; reaches the tee of a par-4 and the putting green is clear; or reaches the teeing ground of a par-5 hole when the preceding group is on the putting green.  Both (a) and (b) must apply for a group to be out of position. 


If a group is out of position, all players in the group may be timed.  It is each player’s responsibility to be aware of his group’s position on the course.  However, players may ask for this information from a rules official. 

NOTE:  The Committee reserves the right to time a group when The Committee deems it necessary. 


If a group is out of position, it may be monitored or timed for failure to comply with this place of play guideline.  When a group is out of position, and notified that it is being timed, each player in the group is expected to play any stroke within 40 seconds after timing of the player’s stroke begins.  The timing of a player’s stroke will begin when he has had reasonable opportunity to reach his ball, it is his turn to play and he can play without interference or distraction.  Time spent determining yardage will count as time taken for the next stroke.

On the putting green, time will begin after a player has been allowed a reasonable time to lift, clean and replace his ball, repair his ball mark and other ball marks on his line of putt and remove loose impediments on his line of putt.  Time spent looking at the line from behind the hole and/or behind the ball will count as part of the time for the next stroke. 

Any player in a group being timed, who exceeds the applicable time to play a stroke, will be advised as soon as possible.  Actual timing of an out of position group will be handled by a member of the LIGA rules committee. 


The following are penalties, in sequence, for any player in a group being timed who takes more than 40 seconds to play a stroke after timing of the player’s stroke begins. 

One bad timing of more than 40 seconds - warning

A second bad timing - 1 stroke penalty

Third bad timing - additional 1 stroke penalty

A fourth bad timing - disqualification

Note: If a group in question regains its proper position, any previous timings of more than 40 seconds will be carried over for the remainder of the round in the event that the group requires additional monitoring.


If a ruling or some other delay occurs which causes the group in question to lose its position, that group is expected to regain its position within a reasonable time. 

Marty Winkelman, President

John A. McGrath, Tournament Director