2017 Stoddard Trophy Competition Results

The 2017 Long Island Stoddard Trophy competition team (photo courtesy of Walter Fowler)

New Jersey wins 92nd edition of the Stoddard Trophy competition

The team fielded by the New Jersey State Golf Association won the 92nd edition of the Stoddard Trophy Competition on Wednesday, August 16th. This year's event was hosted by the Long Island Golf Association at the beautiful and timeless Rockaway Hunting Club in Lawrence. The Stoddard Trophy competition is a one day, three way Ryder Cup-style team competition between Westchester, New Jersey and Long Island. It features 6 three way alternate shot  matches in the morning, and 12 three way singles matches in the afternoon, and it was first contested in the year the LIGA was founded, 1922. Each association chooses the team members it believes to be the best amateurs in the section that year, and being named to the team is considered to be a great honor; positions on the three teams are highly sought-after. This year's Long Island team was made up of Michael Miranda, Michael Frizalone, Matt Lowe, Darin Goldstein, Garett Engel, Dan Abbondandolo, Brett Cooper, Jay Card III, Hal Berman, Jonathan Jeter, Clancy Waugh, Eddie Gibstein, David Prowler and Marc Coleman. This year's final score was New Jersey 25.0, Long Island 16.5.and Westchester 12.5. New Jersey won by almost sweeping the morning alternate shot matches, collecting 11 out of a possible 12 points. Long Island had a strong afternoon, highlighted by two singles wins from each of five players: Jonathan Jeter, Eddie Gibstein, Matt Lowe, Brett Cooper and Jay Card III. The overall record is New Jersey 40 wins, 5 ties, Long Island 24 wins, 1 tie and Westchester 23 wins, 4 ties. 

To listen to a podcast on the competition, go to http://talkingtristategolf.com/. The podcast is Episode 014 of Talking TriState Golf and includes interviews with team captains Steve Smith( Long Island, at the 10:50 mark), Kevin Purcell(New Jersey, at the 18:11 mark) and Mike Reardon (Westchester, at the 21:56 mark).  The website also includes approximately 4 minutes of highlights and team photos. 

For this year's scoreboard:

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